Mr. John Trout discusses the Master Facilities Plan

with Denise Tahara & Nate Koets

Concord Community Schools High Ability Soars with Weather Balloon Launches

Fourth graders in Concord Community Schools are participating in a weather balloon launch and each Friday throughout the month of May there will be a launch in Elkhart County. The fourth grade high ability classes of the four Concord elementary schools are releasing a weather balloon into the atmosphere.

Concord Sixth Graders Learning Beyond the School Walls at Camp Eberhart

Sixth grade students from Concord Intermediate School in Concord Community Schools had the opportunity to attend Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, Michigan. Camp Eberhart gives students a chance to experience things they cannot learn in school, "like canoeing, finding organisms in the water, riding horses, and climbing the climbing wall," explains sixth grade teacher Wendy Cassady.