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Well-rounded Education

We offer a well-rounded educational experience which includes both academics and extra-curricular options for students. Parents like the many options given to students for participating in events that peak their curiosity and assist in developing the whole child.

Transitional Approach

We believe in a transitional approach at CIS to assist students’ success in moving from K-4 buildings to the junior high school. Students like the opportunities to be in a bigger building and make new friends before going to CJHS.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There is a wide range of athletics and club activities for students to participate within to discover their passion as they move forward into secondary education. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following: basketball, flag football, soccer, cross country, track, volleyball, art club, dance club, drama club, book club, technology club, choir, orchestra, band, etc.

As 5th graders, students have the opportunity to participate in the CCS Orchestra Program at CJHS in the mornings. 6th graders have the opportunity to join Beginning Band, which also takes place at CJHS in the mornings.

2016-2017 School Improvement Plan

Parents’ Top Questions

What is the structure of 5th grade? 6th grade?

5th grade classrooms are all self-contained with students having one teacher for all core subjects (English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies). Science, Art, Music and PE are all taught by specials teachers on a weekly basis. 6th grade students will have two teachers each day. One teacher teaches Math and Science, while the other teacher teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. Art, Music and PE are all taught by specials teachers on a weekly basis.

How is my child graded?

Math, Reading, and Writing are given a skills grade in a standard A-F grading scale system. Science and Social Studies are given Effort marks only in 5th grade, but have both Skill grades and Effort marks in 6th grade. Art, Music and PE are given Effort marks in both 5th and 6thgrades.

CIS Parent Input Form/CIS Formulario de Entrada de Padres
As we place students next year in classrooms, we want to get some information from you.  Please share with us how you feel your child learns the best as well as the type of traits that best motivate him or her.  This is not a teacher request form, but rather a form to provide parents with thoughts about their student and how they learn.   Begin by choosing your language below.
En que coloquemos a los estudiantes el próximo año en el salón de clase, queremos obtener información de usted. Por favor, comparta con nosotros cómo cree que su hijo aprende mejor, así como el tipo de rasgos que mejor lo motivan. Este no es un formulario de solicitud de maestro, sino más bien un formulario para proveer a los padres ideas sobre su alumno y cómo aprenden. Comience por elegir su idioma a continuación.

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School times
M,W,TH,F  8:14 – 8:35 Arrival, 8:35-3:25 School Day
Tuesdays 8:45-9:05 Arrival, 9:05-3:25 School Day

Principal: Kent Myers

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Office Hours
8:00 – 4:00

59197 CR 13 S, Elkhart IN 46517
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