Concord graduate’s design selected for Elkhart Storm Drain Art Project

Concord graduate’s design selected for Elkhart Storm Drain Art Project

Rylee Olmstead, a 2019 Concord High School graduate, recently shared her artistic talents with the community through her involvement in the Storm Drain Art Project held by the City of Elkhart.

Artists were selected by a committee from artwork submitted in February and were tasked with submitting artwork which would draw the public’s attention to our local waterways and the need to protect them.

Each selected artist was assigned a local storm drain and the adjacent sidewalk on which to paint their chosen piece. Painting on concrete is a challenge, with the addition of the rainy weather we have experienced this spring, these painters deserve even greater praise for completing such beautiful and amazing works of art.

Rylee has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She aspires to be a high school or college level art instructor and has a strong passion for art. Since her freshman year at Concord High School, she has taken numerous art classes.

She has had many pieces featured in shows at the Midwest Museum of American Art, the Scholastic Art show, and at her school art shows. Rylee hopes that through her artwork, she can bring awareness to the environment.

The design Rylee created features a woman (representing our rivers and ourselves) and a catfish, loosely based on the Channel Catfish. Her hair transforms into flowing water, representative of how the rivers and water are a part of us. The way that the woman is embracing the catfish is also symbolic of how humans can affect wildlife through how we treat the water.

Her work is located just outside the main entrance of the Elkhart Public Library.

Article contributed by My Community My Water LLC.