About Concord South Side Elementary

Individually Valued

South Side Elementary School is dedicated to preparing our students to be well-rounded learners who utilize their literacy and problem-solving skills to be responsible citizens in our community. Each one of our students is valued as an individual. Our staff is committed to meeting the specific learning needs of all students.

Provide Opportunities

Learning is an experience at South Side. Each and every day, students are engaged in challenging and relevant learning experiences to build knowledge that will provide opportunities for every child’s future.

Family Atmosphere

Our students, parents, and staff are proud of the family atmosphere we have here at South Side. From the student work lining the hallways to the nurturing education in each classroom, everyone that is a part of South Side is part of our family and committed to preparing all students for success.

Positive Support

Our students love our staff for the positive support the adults in our building provide our students. South Side has a tremendous staff who are committed to supporting students in both their academic, social, and emotional growth.