School delays and closing procedures

First and foremost, safety is our top priority when making a decision about delays or closures at Concord Community Schools. At the same time, we recognize the closing of school can be a burden to families due to child care and work schedules and make every effort not to impact family schedules.  

When making a decision, we consult not only the current conditions, but also the forecast for the remainder of the day.

The superintendent determines if school is delayed or closed with assistance from other Concord administrators. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, Elkhart County Highway Department, National Weather Service, and other local agencies may also be consulted.

Below are the guidelines used by Concord Community Schools to determine school delays and closures.


*This process is designed to let all members of our community know no later than 5:30 a.m. about school delays and no later than 8:15 a.m. for cancellations.

  • Daily when school is in session: Stay abreast of weather news/forecasts
  • Superintendent’s designee checks roads in the district, particularly across the south end of the district where poor visibility and drifting roads are more common. Subdivisions are driven if there was heavy snow as they are cleared later than main roads. Check school parking lots to see how snow removal is progressing.
  • Designee and Superintendent discuss the following questions:
    • Is the wind chill less than -15 degrees?
    • Are the roads icy?
    • Are the roads snowy?
    • Is the snow drifting?
    • Is visibility less than 1/4 mile?
    • What will the conditions be like while waiting at a bus stop?
    • What will the conditions be like for teenage drivers?
    • Is there flooding where bus stops are located (such as during the 2018 historic floods)?
    • Is the air hazardous to breathe (such as during the 2017 landfill fire)?
    • What are neighboring school districts doing?
  • Make a decision and if there’s a delay/closure start communicating! (Approximately 5:30 a.m.)
    • Send text messages to transportation director, director of maintenance, building principals, and early bus drivers.
    • Notify TV stations including WNDU and WSBT.
    • Send a School Messenger call to staff, students, and parents.
    • Post information on Concord Community Schools social media sites.
  • If a delay was previously announced, determine whether conditions warrant a closure. 
    • If yes, communicate the closure. (Approximately 8:15 a.m.)
    • If no, classes begin after the two-hour delay.
  • Determine and communicate whether extra-curricular events will be canceled. The Superintendent’s decisions about extra-curricular activities are based upon the age of the student, the nature of the event, and the duration of the event.

*NOTE: If you deem conditions are not safe, and choose to keep your child home when school is in session, you must contact the school that day or the absence will not be excused.  


There are several ways Concord Community Schools staff distributes information about weather-related delays and cancellations.

  • School Messenger, an automated phone calling and texting service. If you do not currently receive the calls, contact your child’s school and ask for the data secretary. S/he can then update your contact information and check for issues. 
  • Local TV stations. Watch WNDU (Channel 16) and WSBT (Channel 22) for Concord Community Schools to appear on the scrolling list of school delays/closures. Both stations also share this information on their websites.
  • Social media. The announcement is also posted on the district’s Facebook and Twitter accounts,
  • Websites. A red notification bar will appear at the top of all Concord websites if a delay or closure has been announced.


A two-hour delay may be called when indications are that the weather conditions will improve later in the morning. CLICK HERE for a list of two-hour delay schedules for all Concord schools.

    • Buses will run their normal routes with pick-up times two hours later than normal. 
    • The school day will end at the normal time.


  • When schools are closed, Education Center staff, maintenance, grounds, and custodians will report to work.  
  • If a cancellation occurs, after-school and evening activities might also be canceled. A decision will be made by mid-morning.
  • KidsCare does not operate, morning or afternoon, on days when school has been canceled.
  • Announcement about make-up days will be communicated by the Superintendent.


The following chart offers a brief overview of weather-related conditions that could lead to delays or closures.


  • State of emergency – as determined by Elkhart County Commissioners/Indiana Governor’s Office.
  • County travel advisory – as determined by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security/Elkhart County Emergency Management.
  • Impassable road conditions – following consultation with transportation supervisor, road crews, and local law enforcement.
  • Sustained frigid temperatures – to be evaluated along with wind chill.
  • Very dense fog


  • Poor road conditions that are expected to improve.
  • Temporary dangerously high wind chill temperatures that are expected to improve.
  • Temporary frigid temperatures that are expected to improve.
  • Fog that is expected to lift.