Artists, writers honored by Concord School Board

Artists, writers honored by Concord School Board

Concord Junior High School and Concord High School artists and writers were recognized during the Concord School Board meeting on Monday, March 2, 2020, for their exceptional artistry in areas such as photography, sculpture, printmaking, digital art, mixed media, and drawing and illustration.

Art teachers Mary Amador, Neil Boston, and Missi Huffer were also recognized by the board for their efforts in supporting student achievement.

This marks the 25th straight year that Concord Junior High School has had the most students accepted into the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Students earned a combination of silver keys, gold keys and honorable mentions for their efforts.

All works receiving gold keys will move on to national judging in New York City where they will be entered to win gold and silver medals and special achievement awards.

Concord Junior High School
Scholastic Art Award Winners

Itzel Cabrera-Rodriguez Sculpture (Gold Key), Drawing and Illustration (Silver Key), Photography (Silver Key), and Painting (Honorable Mention)

Santiago Cardenas – Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Ellis Conners – Drawing & Illustration (Gold Key)

Alberta Evans – Drawing & Illustration (Silver Key)

Andrea Garcia – Two awards in Drawing & Illustration (both Silver Keys)

Cehcily GerardotDrawing & Illustration (Gold Key) and Mixed Media (Honorable Mention)

Emily Gonzalez – Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Carla Gutierrez-Espinoza – Drawing & Illustration (Gold Key)

Kasey Hernandez – Mixed Media (Silver Key)

Lettzy Herrera – Mixed Media (Honorable Mention)

Carla Hummer – Mixed Media (Honorable Mention)

Haley Imus – Drawing & Illustration (Silver Key)

April JuarezSculpture (Gold Key), Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention), and Digital Media (Honorable Mention)

Paige Martin – Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Addison May – Printmaking (Honorable Mention)

Danna Mendez-Perez – Two awards in Photography (Honorable Mention),  Sculpture (Honorable Mention), and Digital Art (Honorable Mention)

Aaliyah Naya – Drawing & Illustration (Silver Key)

Zoe Roberts – Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Sandra RodriguezDrawing & Illustration (Gold Key) and Photography (Honorable Mention)

Rosa Soriano Sanchez – Drawing & Illustration (Gold Key), Mixed Media (Gold Key), and Drawing & Illustration (Silver Key)

Francisco Valenzuela – Drawing & Illustration (Gold Key)

Adrian Yelamo Zambrano – Drawing & Illustration (Silver Key)

Brianna Zentz – Mixed Media (Honorable Mention)

Concord Junior High School
Scholastic Writing Award Winners

Haley Imus – Short Story (Silver Key)

Lucille Larson – Short Story (Silver Key)

Alayna Rhoades – Flash Fiction (Gold Key)

Christian Zeser – Critical Essay (Silver Key)

Concord High School
Scholastic Art Award Winners 

Monica Alvarez – Ceramics & Glass (Gold Key)

Makayla Borosh – Digital Art (Gold Key)

Elizabeth Herr-Knispel Drawing & Illustration (Silver Key) and Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Lucy JewettDrawing & Illustration (Gold Key) and Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Andres Mejia – Ceramics & Glass (Silver Key)

Sherrie Moore – Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Anna Myers –  Drawing & Illustration (Honorable Mention)

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