PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom

PowerSchool connects students, parents, and teachers

Concord Community Schools recently transitioned to a new Learning Management System and Student Information System called PowerSchool. PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom provides a single location where students can find information about their grades and attendance, as well as communication from school staff. The program can also be used to view and complete assignments. PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom also helps connect parents to what their child is doing in the classroom with classroom content, grades, attendance, and communication.

Video tutorial: Create a PowerSchool ID

Need help?

Additional assistance for parents and students can be found on the PowerSchool website. Click below for more information.

STEP ONE: Create a Parent PowerSchool ID

In a web browser, enter the following URL: http://concord.powerschool.com/public

On the sign in page, click Parent Sign In.

On the welcome page, click Create an Account here.

On the PowerSchool ID page, enter the required information and click Create PowerSchool ID.

On the confirmation page, note your PowerSchool ID and Sign In URL. You will need this information to sign in to PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom in the future.

On the Welcome to Unified Classroom screen, enter your PowerSchool ID and password and click Sign In.

STEP TWO: Link your students

On the welcome page, click I Have an Student Access Code.

Enter the student’s name, access ID, and access password. The access code and access password is provided by your school via email or mail.

Select one of the following:

  • If you have multiple students to connect, click Add Another Student and repeat the process above.
  • If you have only one student, click Continue to proceed to the Unified Classroom Dashboard.

Students you add to your account will appear in the Student Selector in Unified Classroom.

Video tutorial: PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom