About Concord Ox Bow Elementary

Engage in our learning

Ox Bow Elementary is dedicated to providing engaging learning opportunities while meeting each specific student’s learning needs. Academically, student will focus their development on becoming readers, problem solvers and thinkers. Students will set goals and work to take ownership in their learning as we emphasize important traits and characteristics needed for their future learning and work.

Encourage each other as leaders

Students at Ox Bow will develop and strengthen the leadership skills each child has within them. Through The Leader in Me™ students will actively learn Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Through this process, students will be expected to practice the seven habits at home and school while looking to cultivate the leader within themselves and others.

Explore our potential

Elementary students have great excitement, curiosity and potential for growth. At Ox Bow our hope is to continue the qualities in each child and encourage them to dream, believe, and work to strengthen what they do well and improve the areas that are more difficult. We believe each of our students has the potential to be great!