Models for Social Change

Models for Social Change

CHS Sociology Class presents Models for Social Change

Students in Laury Allen’s Sociology Class have been studying the various challenges facing society,  including drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, depression, poverty and domestic violence.

On Friday, Nov. 2, students presented their ideas for social change to a panel of educators, business leaders and non-profit employees who asked questions about their research and plans for executing the various ideas.

Joining Concord Assistant Superintendent Tim Tahara and Concord School Board President Tim Yoder on the panel were representatives from the YWCA, Faith Mission, and Ryan’s Place.

The class models focused on four major issues facing society and each study included a student survey, data-driven presentations and ideas for ways to improve upon the issue.

Thank you to our panelists!


Aimed with a goal of educating students from a younger age, students in this group met with 5th graders at Concord Intermediate School to talk with them about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use. Their project also included a coloring contest to raise awareness about addiction.

The student survey included questions such as “What grade were you when you first heard about drugs?” and “Did/does anyone in your immediate family use/abuse drugs?” as well as “In your opinion, what drug is the most used substance at Concord High School?’

This group included the following students: Mackenzie Beaver, Tyler Bradshaw, Mackenze Kiser, Victoria Stoude, and Kyler Wallace.


With a goal of helping high school students struggling with depression and anxiety, students in this group formed a new club at the high school called “CHS Pawsitivity” that will feature various activities known to help combat the issue.

The Pawsitivity club will include activities such as yoga, juice and canvas, music therapy and talk time, and for those who are eligible, dog-walking for a nearby animal shelter.

This group included the following students: Caitlyn Cass, Janaya Hence, and Bailey Lilly.


Although poverty is an issue across the world, it’s also something Elkhart residents are dealing with daily, this group of students discovered. One in six people in America face hunger and the Elkhart poverty rate is 27.1%, according to the students’ research.

In an effort to assist one local agency, the group requested and obtained a $1,000 Little Big Idea Grant to purchase supplies for the renovation of the Church Community Services food pantry, as well as to purchase hygiene products for the pantry. The students also organized a volunteer day during which they painted the pantry.

This group included the following students: Brittany Boerema, Cameron Crussemeyer, Mekenna Miller, and Ximena Ramirez.


Raising awareness about the different types of domestic violence is the goal of this student group.

Twenty percent of Concord High School students surveyed said they have been in an abuse relationship and 45 percent said they know someone who, currently or in the past, has been directly involved with domestic violence.

To raise awareness, the group planned a week of “dress up” days at Concord High School where students would pay money to participate, a run/walk event in Elkhart, and a movie night at the high school, all with a goal of raining funds for the YWCA/Elkhart Women’s Shelter.

This group included the following students: Dulce Carillo, Roemello Moon, Filippa Smedal, Manuel Tuchan, Riley Weiss, and Donavan Wilson.