Concord East Side promotes literacy with Starbooks Cafe

Concord East Side promotes literacy with Starbooks Cafe

Third-grade students highlighted their favorite Spring Break reads, complete with a cafe-style experience, during the fourth annual Starbooks Cafe event held Thursday, April 11, at Concord East Side Elementary School.

Students received small Starbucks cups filled with hot cocoa, a cookie, and pretzels as they paired up to review their book reports with their classmates.

The event is one that students look forward to from the start of their career at Concord East Side, and one that teacher say is a great way to prevent students from experiencing a decline in reading abilities during Spring Break.

Before Spring Break began, third-graders were encouraged to select a book of their choosing and read it while on vacation.

Upon returning to class on Monday, April 8, students then began working on book reports to share with their classmates during the Starbooks Cafe event.

Students were encouraged to create a report in whatever form they preferred, including presentations on Chromebooks, paper flip charts, illustrated notes, etc.

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