About Concord East Side Elementary

East Side Elementary School has been designated by the Indiana
State Department of Education as a Family Friendly School!

``We strive to create a culture of learning, a culture of respect, a place where home and school work together, and a place where people want to be. Our staff puts in many hours above and beyond to communicate with families and to volunteer their time in activities, and to plan for student learning. Our staff wants all children to be positive members of the community and our building to provide an excellent learning environment for our community.``
— Principal Shad Hartsough

Culture of Learning

We believe in hands-on learning for the students and engaging students in learning. We incorporate technology into the student learning, and develop a well-rounded education for students through our fine arts. We are committed to providing a foundation of learning for the child, so they continue to build on this through their schooling years by creating unique learning opportunities and enthusiasm during learning.

Committed to Our Students

Students enjoy the hands-on learning and the way the staff supports their learning. They appreciate the staff is committed to them and their individual learning needs. There is a mutual respect between students and staff that creates a culture of learning at East Side and a place where students and staff want to “be”.

Parents and School Working Together

Parents appreciate the openness and helpful communications that our staff provides. We believe in home and school working together to provide a quality education for our students. Parents feel welcomed at our school and feel like the staff is committed to the education of each child.