Digital learning at Concord Community Schools

Concord Community Schools is one of more than 340 learning institutions across the state approved by the Indiana Department of Education to conduct eLearning Days.

Our administrative team has put years of work into preparing students and staff for blended learning. This includes investing in staff development, digital citizenship training, and technology infrastructure, as well as creating technology policies, building relationships with our community, and tapping into great resources for our families. Along the way, focus has remained on the district’s mission: “Concord Community Schools develops students who are highly literate, able to demonstrate mastery of state and national standards, and who are college- and career-ready.”

One of the goals for eLearning Days is to create an environment where blended learning activities allow students to continue to make educational progress, despite any weather-related interruptions. In the event of a harsh winter, eLearning Days will help ensure we won’t have to extend the school year beyond what’s scheduled.

In addition to the benefit of having fewer missed instructional days, eLearning also offers students the opportunity to utilize online instruction in highly effective ways. This will be an important skill, putting them ahead of the pack as they pursue lifelong learning endeavors.

Thank you to our Concord family for your support as we prepare students for “Education Beyond Tomorrow.”

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PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom provides a single location where students can find information about their grades and attendance, as well as communication from school staff.

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Chromebook Handbook

Click the links below for access to the Concord Community Schools Chromebook Handbook.

English – Chromebook Handbook

Español – Manual de Chromebook

Public WiFi locations

Parents’ Top Questions

What is the purpose of an eLearning Day?

eLearning Days provide an opportunity for district-wide initiatives such as student safety measures, new instructional strategies, and for students to experience learning in the 21st century classroom.

Why is Concord offering eLearning on days when school is canceled?

eLearning Days are designed to ensure the safety of students and staff and avoid interruptions in instruction that occur when school cannot be held due to severe weather conditions or other issues. In addition, any day approved as an eLearning Day may be counted as a day of attendance and would not be required to be ``made up`` at the end of the school year.

What if my student doesn't have internet access at home?

WiFi is available at numerous public locations, including libraries and local shopping areas. View the link on this page for a full list.

Who do I contact if I need help during the eLearning Day?

If you have a question about the coursework assigned during an eLearning Day, please contact your child's teacher through PowerSchool, email, or by phone. If you or your student need assistance accessing your PowerSchool account, please contact our technology department at 574-875-9018.

What kinds of activities will my child be doing on an eLearning Day?

Teachers will create interactive lessons that relate to the Indiana State Standards for their specific class. Lessons will be an extension of the coursework students are completing during the regular school day.

How can I prepare my child to be successful on an eLearning Day?

Make sure your student's device is charged the night before. Provide students with a nutritional breakfast. Locate a suitable space for students to complete their school work with limited distractions.