Concord launches new text message program

Concord launches new text message program

Concord Community Schools parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in the district’s new text message program offered through SchoolMessenger. Parents/guardians who have students who are currently enrolled at Concord Community Schools will automatically receive a text message. 


What will this text message service be used for?

Concord Community Schools will use this service to provide important announcements such as school delays and cancellations, safety news updates, and other high priority communication. 

How do I register?

Parents/guardians of current students will receive a text message asking them to subscribe to the service by responding “Y” to 67587. CLICK HERE to learn more about this process.   

Who do I contact if my mobile number isn’t registering?

Call 574-830-0350 and leave a message with your first and last name, your child’s first and last name, and the cellphone number you wish to add.

What if my child graduates and I no longer want to receive the messages?

The system pulls student data from PowerSchool. Once a student graduates or is no longer enrolled, parents will no longer receive text messages. To opt out at any time, users can reply “STOP” to 67587 or opt out online at

I subscribed to this service before. Why are we changing providers?

Text messages were previously provided via a free service called Remind. In July, it was announced that the district would need to pay for this service. In an effort to be good stewards of public dollars, Concord administrators have opted to instead add this service to the existing SchoolMessenger agreement to provide these text messages at no additional cost to the district. 

How will I know if it’s working?

All parents/guardians of current Concord Community Schools students will receive a test text message from the district account.

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