Concord Bus ID guidelines

Concord Bus ID guidelines


Concord Community Schools is committed to providing safe transportation for all students.  We have installed a tracking system called Zonar, on all of our buses which allows us to locate our buses while they are on their routes.  In addition, each student must scan on and off of the bus daily so that we know exactly who is on our buses at all times.  In order for this system to work at its fullest capacity, our students MUST have their bus ID’s with them everyday.


Do I really need to carry my bus ID every day? 

Yes! This is an important rule to ensure that the Concord Transportation Department is able to know exactly which students are on which bus at all times.

What if my ID is lost/stolen?

The first replacement will be provided at no cost for students in grades K-6 and $5 for students in grades 7-12. Additional replacements will be available for $5 for all students. Replacement IDs will be created by the office staff at your child’s school.

What if I forgot my ID?

  • First violation: A verbal warning and a temporary ID is issued.
  • Second violation: A call home and written notice will be issued stating that upon the third violation, the parent would need to pick up the child from the school. A temporary ID will be issued for the ride home.
  • Third violation: Parents will be called to pick up their student from school at the end of the day.

Should students willfully disregard the Bus ID policy and refuse to scan and/or board without an ID, bus drivers will notify school administrators as soon as possible. These students will be suspended from riding the bus for a minimum of three days. School administrators will meet with these student and notify parents of the bus suspension, as well as consequences for future incidents of this nature. Other student behavior issues related to bus IDs will be documented and handled through the Bus Discipline Policy as outlined in the student handbook.