CHS update | Dec. 14, 2018

CHS update | Dec. 14, 2018

CHS administrators address unfounded, inaccurate rumors

We want to make you aware of the facts surrounding the situation that occurred at Concord High School on Friday, Dec. 14.  

As you may be aware, a large number of parents elected to pick up their students at the high school after being contacted by their students. In assisting these parents, we learned that students chose to contact home based on rumors and misinformation shared on social media when there was no known issue occurring at the school.

We have also seen well-intentioned posts from parents urging their friends to go pick up their students. We were contacted by news media who were being told that a gun was found in the high school today following a student protest. No protest occurred and no gun was found. Furthermore, at no time today was an ALICE Alert implemented.

In addition, the planned student-led walkout, as referenced in this previous release, did not occur today at Concord High School. Administration met Thursday with those students who were planning the walkout. Overnight, the students planning the walkout decided not to protest and shared it on social media. Students attended classes as scheduled and the school day proceeded normally at the start of the day.

To repeat, the following rumors are inaccurate and unfounded:

  • No gun was found in the building.
  • No protest or walkout occurred.
  • No ALICE Alert was implemented.
  • No phone calls to parents requesting student pick-up came from Concord administrators.
  • No shooting occurred.

District administrators and CCSPD officers are aware of — and have previously communicated about — social media posts that have been circulating throughout the week. Each of these messages were investigated and none were determined to be credible threats.

CCSPD and school administrators continue to monitor social media as they have all week. No credible concerns were raised today. CCSPD officers and school administrators have spoken with students and staff throughout the day Friday to reassure them of their safety. Evening events, including the boys home basketball game with Elkhart Memorial, will continue as planned. As always, the safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance.

The volume of calls received, combined with parents arriving to pick up students, resulted in delayed communications regarding this incident. Please be assured that we will alert you using various methods — including the Concord website, School Messenger phone calls, Concord Safety News text messages, and/or official statements — when there is a credible threat.