About Concord Community Schools

Individually Valued

Concord Community Schools values each student individually – offering quality instruction and challenging programs at all levels throughout the district to see each learner find their own success. All students are met where they are at. We are committed to see our students gain the tools they need for positive contribution in their community and growth in their lives.

Family Atmosphere

We are a close-knit school district with caring teachers and staff. We are a unique community shaped and defined by our school district borders and our diverse student culture. Our friendly and open culture puts both kids and parents at ease. If you are part of Concord, you are part of our family.

Positive Support

Our staff demonstrates the best interest of the students in heart and in action. Students enjoy relationships with dedicated adults committed to their success. This kind of positive support for academic, social and emotional growth forms the foundation of our commitment to student success.

Music, Athletics and the Arts

Across the board, we pride ourselves on our academic, athletic, music, and extra-curricular reputations. Students have the opportunity to participate in multiple programs and build skills in a variety of disciplines. Excellence is both encouraged and expected. Any student who wants to get involved will find an opportunity.